Maroonda Hospital Redevelopement

Mar 3, 2020

Eascom Electrical engaged in a major redevelopment project of the existing Maroondah Hospital.

The 3 Stage project consisted of demolition, construction and fitout phases across 5 separate areas within the confines of the existing hospital facility.

With a large portion being disruptive, the electrical scope of works included demolition, services relocation /reticulation and shutdowns the close collaboration and coordination with all stakeholders within Eastern Health & Builder SJ Higgins during every phase of works was paramount.

Stage 1 included construction of a 4th floor to the existing hospital building with an adjoining corridor, substantial disruptive services reticulation through live ward areas, retrofitting lift access to new floor area and re-fitting of a 20 Bed sub-acute ward. The ward provides cardiology, endocrinology, oncology and respiratory services.

Stage 2 consisted of works to Level 2 South and Level 3 South. The 30-bed ward on Level 2 South was refurbished to include a new Endoscopy Day Procedure Unit. Level 3 works included construction of a new 30-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) including administration area. All construction works were completed in and around operational wards.

Stage 3 included the demolition of existing ICU floor area to create new ICU administration work area and extended subacute ward.

Type Of Project: Construction – Health.
Status: Completed
Client: SJ Higgins / Eastern Health
Electrical Package Value: One & a half million dollars
Architect: Silver Thomas Hanley
Services: Irwin Consulting
Features: New ICU, ICU Administration area, new Endoscopy Day Procedure Unit, 20 Bed sub-acute ward & a 30-bed IPU ward.

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